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 E2B Mobile Dictionary SUPPORT MODEL

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PostSubject: E2B Mobile Dictionary SUPPORT MODEL   Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:13 pm


E2B Mobile Dictionary

N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N80, N81, N81, N82, N90, N91, N93, N93i, N95
E50, E51, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E66, E71, E90
2600, 2610, 2626, 2630, 2660, 2680, 2760, 3109, 3110, 3120, 3220, 3230,
3250, 3500, 5000, 5070, 5200, 5220, 5300, 5310, 5500, 5610, 5700, 6020,
6021, 6030, 6060, 6070, 6080, 6085, 6101, 6103, 6111, 6120, 6125, 6126,
6131, 6133, 6136, 6151, 6170, 6210, 6230, 6230i, 6233, 6234, 6260,
6267, 6270, 6280, 6288, 6300, 6500, 6500, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681,
6822, 7070, 7270, 7260, 7310, 7360, 7370, 7373, 7500, 7610, 8600, 8800

D600, D820, D900, D900i, E200, E250, E340, E350, E360, E370, E380,
E390, E700, E730, E740, E760, G600, U700, U900, X670, X700, Z140, Z150,
Z230, Z240, Z400, Z540, Z560, ZV40, ZV50, D520, D840, E210, E490, E530,
E720, E770, E840, E900, P300, P310, P520, U600, X820, Z107, Z130, Z300,
Z500, Z510, X620, E330, E330N, E800, E820, X460, X490, X640C,
X650,P730,A701, C160, C260, C450, D510, D880, E100, E251, E590, E640,
E758, F250, F480, F700, G800, J700, L760, M110, P850, X100, X100A,
X300, X480, X480C, X600, X620, X640, Z170, ZV10, ZV60, A501, B100,
B200, B300, C100G, C130, C140, C170, C200, C210, C230, C250, C260,
C300, C520, D410, D807, D830, E300, E310, E310C, E600, E610, E810,
F300, J600, M300, M600, M620, P510, S300M, X105, X120, X140, X160,
X200, X210, X430, X450, X500, X510, X520, X520X, X530, X630, X660,
X680, X830,Z370

Sony Ericsson:
K310i, K320i, K510i, K530i, K550i, K600i, K610i, K700i, K750i, K770i,
K790i, K800i, K810i, K850i, P990i, S500i, S700i, T650i, V600i, W200i,
W300i, W350i, W380i, W550i, W580i, W610i, W700i, W800i, W810i, W830i,
W850i, W880i, W910i, Z310i, Z530i, Z610i, Z710i, J200i, K508i, K608i

E1000, E770, RAZRV3x, RAZRV3xx, V1100, V980, V980M, C257, C261, C390,
C650, E398, E550, L2, L6, L6i, L7, L71, RAZRmaxxV3, RazrV8, RAZRV3xv,
RAZRV3xxv, RAZRV6, V1075, V191, V220, V235, V3, V300, V360, V360v, V3i,
V3r, V3v, V400, V500, V635, W220, W230, W375, W510, Z3

Symphony same Model Supported

E2B Mobile Dictionary by Shohag Gsmâ„¢.rar

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E2B Mobile Dictionary SUPPORT MODEL
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